Paula Strasburg


Paula is the co-founder and Creative Director of Bōda Bridal.  Paula’s vision is to produce “Unique, sophisticated style for the modern bride”. She strives to make a bride feel absolutely beautiful and impeccably styled.

Prior to launching Bōda Bridal, Paula had an extensive career in the healthcare industry utilizing her skills to improve quality and decrease risks to healthcare customers.   She knows what it takes to ensure customers are well cared for while achieving the highest level of quality.

Paula has seven daughters and one son. As each of her daughters became brides, she found they all had a distinct fashion sense, and their own unique style. This made the bridal experience an exciting adventure - starting with finding their perfect gown. When a girl gets married, it is a time when all eyes are on them.  Paula recognizes that they want a dress that is original, and designed to fit their personality. 

When Bōda Bridal was conceptualized, Paula, along with her daughter Destrie, had a vision for a unique bridal gown business.  She feels Destrie is an amazing partner and head designer, and feels blessed to work with her youngest daughter on this amazing adventure.  Together they started Bōda Bridal to cater to each bride by creating a custom experience.

When Paula is not managing Bōda Bridal, she is honored to be a wife, mother, and grandmother.  She resides in Utah with her husband, Lou, and enjoys developing ideas that add quality and inspiration to Bōda Bridal’s exclusive line of designer bridal products.

Destrie Dee

Destrie is a Co-Founder and Head Designer at Bōda Bridal.

Destrie has had a passion for fashion as long as she can remember! It started when she was 6 years old, borrowed her mother’s sewing machine and started making her own clothing. She believes that whatever a  woman wears should make her feel beautiful and confident. She has always said that she wants her designs to be something women crave. She loves designing gowns for brides, and making their dream dress a reality.

Destrie has always been a hard worker and had an entrepreneurial spirit. From the time she was about 5 years old, she was starting her own businesses. She used to sell homemade items, her old toys and clothes on her driveway almost every Saturday. When she was old enough, she created a babysitting business in her neighborhood. When Destrie was 14, she begged her parents to sign a release that she could work a real job at Hogi Yogi. She became the manager by the time she was only 16 years old.

In high school, Destrie was the president of her fashion team. She was also a member of DECA - and made it to a State Fashion Merchandising competition. When Destrie graduated high school, she knew immediately that she wanted to go to college at the Fashion Institute in SLC. While enrolled in college, Destrie was the Manager at MikaRose clothing store. She also helped them design a few of their collections at her time there. Following that, she became a manager at Bohme boutique. After Destrie graduated with her Associates Degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising, she received a great opportunity to be the Tech Design Manager and Assistant Designer at DownEast Outfitters.

When Destrie is not designing for Bōda, she is working for Destrie LOVES Jane and the experience she is gaining in the industry. She is also constantly designing clothing collections, in hopes of making it onto the tv show “Project Runway”. She also loves singing, dancing, working out, shopping, spending time with her puppy Millie, being outdoors, shopping, being adventurous, listening to music on long drives, and did we mention... shopping?! Destrie loves to have too much fun and make those around her feel happy. Follow her on Instagram @destrie_dee to see the madness for yourself ;)

Nicole Mathewson


Nicole is a co-owner and communications director of Bōda Bridal. She loves working with brides to find their dream gown as well as coordinating photo shoots and social media posts. She has helped Bōda brides get featured on many platforms and strives to make Bōda a world renowned brand! 

Nicole believes that helping a bride find the perfect dress is one of the most rewarding "jobs" out there. This is such an exciting time in a bride's life and the dress plays a major roll in the wedding. Making sure the gown is perfect is something Nicole prides herself in. She steams and presses the dress and veil before the wedding day to ensure everything looks amazing for the big day!

Before Bōda launched, Nicole managed a million dollar dental office. She worked there as an assistant, office manager, and dental hygienist. She presented treatment plans, worked out budgets for the clients, coordinated the schedule, balanced the day sheet, and ensured the patients had a great experience. She continues to work at the dental office two days a week. Nicole thinks that her experience in the dental office has been beneficial to Bōda brides as she upholds the client experience and satisfaction a business leader strives for!

In 2014 Nicole graduated Magna Cum Laude from UVU with her Bachelor's of Science: Dental Hygiene. She was on the UVU's dean list, received academic scholarships, and did service for AmeriCorps throughout her education. From 2014-2015 she was the American Dental Hygiene Association Utah Central Component President and she continues to serve on the board. 

When Nicole isn't helping brides, she loves to spend time with her family! She married her husband Jeff in 2011 (ask about Nicole's wedding dress nightmares and part of the reason Bōda Bridal was launched)! Nicole has two children who love to play and keep her busy! She loves to travel, run, and craft! She loves to make new friends and can't wait to work with you!