ongratulations! You’ve found your perfect match and are celebrating your new engagement with the love of your life and your favorite people. Your mind is filled with all things wedding planning, and you can’t wait to begin this next chapter with your best friend.

Now what?

It’s a common understanding that wedding planning can be stressful, but what you may not know is just how overwhelming shopping for your wedding look, specifically your gown, can be. Between discovering what shape of gown you prefer to finding the perfect veil length, there are many important decisions you’re about to make in an industry you may have never looked into before.

This is where we come into play! We’re no strangers to wedding planning and the difficulties that may accompany that experience, and we can’t wait to show you our expertise, let you in on our tips and tricks, and walk you through the whole process. Although wedding planning and finding the gown you’re obsessed with might seem a little daunting, our Bōda Babes will never have to go through it alone.

 Our Must Know Tips:



a)   We may be slightly biased, but our number one tip is to schedule an appointment at Bōda to find and customize your dream gown. You deserve a gown that is unique to you and your personality, and many brides have a difficult time finding a gown already in production that is exactly what they’ve been dreaming of. Luckily, as all of our gowns are designed in-house, every aspect of our dresses are fully customizable. This means that you can add the skirt of one gown to the bodice of another, change any neckline to your favorite shape, switch lining colors, and anything else you’d want your dream dress to have. Seriously, the possibilities are endless. We’re firm believers in not settling and having to choose between two favorites – instead, we customize, combine, and design to create your one of a kind gown!

b)   Many vendors book out quickly and as far as a few years ahead. This means that you need to schedule your photographer, videographer, venue, etc. as soon as you know you will have a need for said vendors! Every couple will have different priorities for their wedding, and there’s no right or wrong vendor to feel strongest about. Have a conversation with your fiance to discover what the general aesthetic of your wedding will be, what vendors you care most about, and where (or who) the larger parts of your budget should go. Once you’ve landed on the same page, reach out to your favorite vendors and book them!

c)   Picking who to bring along to your wedding dress appointments can feel like a bit of a puzzle. It's all about getting the balance just right – you want some helpful opinions but also want to stay true to your own style. Of course, it's awesome to have your closest friends and family there to share in the moment, but never forget that your own voice matters most. Because, let's be real, it's YOUR big day, and your say is what counts the most. Trust your gut and go for the gown that makes you feel like the radiant bride you've always pictured. In the end, it's all about finding a dress that speaks to your heart and lets your inner beauty shine on your wedding day.




a)   Let’s cut to the chase – like most women’s sizing, bridal sizing is hard. Going into dress shopping with an open mind and an understanding of sizing will make your experience much easier and more enjoyable. It is imperative to remember that numerical size should not be construed as indicative of your inherent worth, physical appearance, or who you are!

b)   When it comes to bridal sizing, you might be a little surprised with what standard size you align best with. Bridal sizes often follow European standards, which tend to run a bit smaller than what you're used to with everyday clothes. Don't be shocked if your wedding dress size ends up being a couple of sizes larger than your usual street size. It's just one of those quirks in the world of fashion!  

c)  The size range of the gowns we carry in-store to try on is 0-26, but we, like all other bridal stores, don’t carry every style in every size. This is due to many factors, but the main reason is that we simply don’t have the storage for thousands of styles in 40+ sizes. For this reason, we will order your gown in a standard bridal size that will fit you best and cost you the least amount in alterations! You may try on your dream gown in store in a size that is multiple sizes above or below the size we will order for you. We use tools, like clamps and extensors, to give you the best idea of what your dream gown will look like once it’s perfectly altered to your body!

General Wedding Tips

Bridal Sizing

a)    While many will cross their fingers in hopes of avoiding taking their dress to a seamstress, it’s easier (and more realistic) to consider alterations a necessary step taken to walk down the aisle in your dream gown. You want your gown to fit like a second skin, and the only way to do that is to have the dress altered to your body. As we discussed earlier, standard bridal sizes will never fit perfectly, but they can be altered from a gown ordered in a standard bridal size to fit you like a glove.  

b)    You’ve spent the money, time, and energy on finding your perfect gown, and now a seamstress is going to take scissors to it. It’s essential that you find a seamstress you trust with the most important piece of clothing you’ll ever wear! We will provide you with a list of reputable seamstresses our past brides have gone to and loved, which also allows you to go to someone else if you’d prefer. The most important part is finding the right seamstress for you, your budget, and your timeline.

c)   If you’d like your dress to be stepped on by enthusiastic wedding guests as they bust out their dance moves during your reception, a bustle might not be your ideal choice. But let's be real – who wants to see their dream dress marred with tears, footprints, or unsightly stains? While long trains make for stunning ceremony moments and photographs, they can become a hassle once the reception kicks off. Some wear and tear on your gown is inevitable, but opting for a bustle can significantly reduce the potential damage. A bustle acts as the detachable bridge between your train and the rest of your dress, sparing you the headache of worrying about accidental collisions and ensuring your gown remains as pristine as possible throughout the night. Consider your seamstress a bustle wizard; they will be able to discuss all the various bustle options with you to find what will work best for you and your gown.


Skirt Shapes 101

a)    Fitted - Think mermaid, trumpet, sheath, fit and flare, column, and a whole lot more. These dresses are all about that snug fit, hugging your curves and giving you a sleek and elegant vibe. They're like a magnet for brides who want that modern, glamorous, and drop-dead gorgeous look.

b)    A-line - Picture dresses that gently flow from the bodice, forming a soft, elegant silhouette that looks like the letter "A." A-line dresses are all about timeless beauty and classic charm. They're a top choice for brides who want a look that's effortlessly graceful, comfortably, and utterly stunning on their big day. 

c)   Ballgown - Imagine dresses that are like a fairytale come to life, with a fitted bodice and a full, voluminous skirt that's made for twirling. Ballgown dresses are all about that timeless, princess-worthy elegance. They're the ultimate choice for brides who dream of a grand, enchanting, and stunning look on their special day. 


Veils may not be every bride's cup of tea, and that's perfectly okay! There are numerous alternative ways to add a touch of flair to your bridal look if a veil isn't your thing. However, if veils do pique your interest, these are the most popular lengths you’ll need to know: 

    Fingertip-length veils are among the most sought-after choices. They are a favorite due to their versatility, allowing brides to enjoy the elegance and traditional bridal feel of a veil without feeling like it overpowers their dress.

b)    If you're looking for a lengthy veil without the hassle of a train, then floor-length veils are the way to go. They give you that elegant, flowing look without any extra fuss that a longer veil might have.

c)    Chapel length veils strike the perfect balance between length and manageability, ensuring you achieve a graceful bridal aesthetic without any extra hassle.
d)    If you're aiming for a truly lengthy veil that exudes elegance and drama without the intricacies of a train, then cathedral-length veils are the answer. These veils provide that awe-inspiring, flowing look while minimizing any additional complexity that comes with longer veils. 

Veil Lengths

Being a Bōda Babe is more than just finding your perfect wedding dress. It's about joining a community of women who've got your back – in wedding planning and beyond – and are determined to help you find a gown that's as unique and special as you are. We're excitedly waiting for the chance to be part of your journey, to guide you in discovering the dress you'll be obsessed with, and to celebrate the beginning of this amazing chapter in your life. Your dream dress is out there (with a few customizations), and we're here to help you make it a reality!

Words by Avery Steele