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The best part about your wedding, besides marrying the love of your life, are the gifts! They can be so sentimental and hold so much love, and every time you see them in the future it will bring you right back to your special day. Not only are the gifts you receive are sweet and sentimental, but the gifts you give your spouse, bridesmaids, mom/dad, etc will be cherished for years to come. Here are some wedding gift ideas that you can send to your soon-to-be spouse (wink wink) or take some inspiration for gifts you would like to give out or give yourself! 

1. Engraved Perfume Bottle

The idea of having a signature fragrance for your wedding is my absolute FAV! Anytime you wear that scent in the future it will bring back all the happy memories of you and your spouse. And what better way to make this even more special is by getting your perfume bottle engraved with your new last name, wedding date, or something else that is meaningful to you! This is a great gift to give yourself or to give to your maid of honor or mother/mother-in-law. ​

2. Winebox Date Night

This is something you can do with your gals and guys the night before your wedding or keep it intimate between you and your soon-to-be spouse. You can taste a variety of wines and find your favorites, you can even make a homemade wine review and talk all about your favorite aspects of the wine. You can order some takeout or make a meal together or even just enjoy the wine solely. 

3. Custom Vinyl

EEE! Love! There are so many shops on Etsy that offer this service. You can send in your own songs – any that are sentimental to you and your spouse. You can also customize the picture on the cover sleeve and the vinyl center circle. I did this as a Christmas gift for my spouse and it was such a unique idea… I am obsessed to say the least! 

4. Olfactory Custom Perfume-Making Kit

Bringing it right back to perfume, I’m so sorry I can’t help it, it’s TOO GOOD! It is so affordable and such a cute idea to do for your one-of-a-kind signature wedding scent. You can even do it as a girls’ night for your bachelorette party or bridal shower! After purchasing, you receive a box with 9 core scents and choose your favorite. You then try 6 variations of that scent with additional perfume notes. If you love it so much and you want to re-order your custom perfume, that is no trouble at all, you just go to their website and hit re-order on the main page.

5. NewlyNamed Box

This is definitely not a necessity, but it sure makes the switch so much easier! You get the forms and instructions with pre-paid mailing envelopes. Going through the process of changing your last name is soo time-consuming and a little confusing. There are so many other brands you can use besides NewlyNamed as well, so you can choose the one that fits the best!

6. Pressed Florals

This is such an amazing way to preserve your bridal bouquet! You can hang it up as wall art around the house, or prop it up on a cute vanity. Make sure you find a shop beforehand and make arrangements for your bouquet before it dries. If you will be leaving straight for your honeymoon after your wedding, talk to a friend or family member before the day of and put them in charge of transporting or shipping your bouquet to the shop you chose. 

Words By Hannah Argyle

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